OSX quantiles [Re: [Thuban-list] Some errors on version 1.0.1]

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Thu Jan 20 10:55:43 CET 2005

Daniel Calvelo Aros wrote

>The problem with quantiles under OSX comes from these handlers:
>[UI/classgen.py, lines 857-858]
>         EVT_TEXT(self, ID_QUANTILES_RANGE, self.OnRangeText)
>         EVT_BUTTON(self, ID_QUANTILES_RETRIEVE, self.OnRetrieve)
>OnRetrieve is triggered by the "Retrieve" button. It retrieves the range and
>does write it in the text field, but that does not trigger EVT_TEXT. I'd say
>it does in the other platforms since all this works.
>User workaround: If you *edit* the retrieved range (e.g. by deleting and
>retyping one digit), OnRangeText is called and everything's fine.
>Code workaround: I'd suggest force-calling OnRangeText within OnRetrieve,
>(insert 'self.OnRangeText(0)' in line 906 before the 'finally'; what do you
>think? I tried and it works, but is ugly. The real problem is inconsistency
>between wx platforms; should this be submitted to the wx people?

Hi Daniel

Your tip works... GOOD

The bug is resolved

UI/classgen.py 904-907

                 min, max = table.ValueRange(self.fieldName)
                 self.text_range.SetValue("[" + str(min) + ";" + str(max) + "]")
+                self.OnRangeText(0)

Why you say "is ugly"?

Is this workaround good for CVS only for OS X with IF platform?


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