OSX quantiles [Re: [Thuban-list] Some errors on version 1.0.1]

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Thu Jan 20 12:30:00 CET 2005

"Daniel Calvelo Aros" <dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe> writes:

> [UI/classgen.py, lines 857-858]
> ...
>         EVT_TEXT(self, ID_QUANTILES_RANGE, self.OnRangeText)
>         EVT_BUTTON(self, ID_QUANTILES_RETRIEVE, self.OnRetrieve)
> ...
> OnRetrieve is triggered by the "Retrieve" button. It retrieves the range and
> does write it in the text field, but that does not trigger EVT_TEXT. I'd say
> it does in the other platforms since all this works.

Thuban calls the SetValue method of the wxTextCtrl object.  According to
the docs (wx 2.4):

   Note that this function will generate a wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_UPDATED

wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_UPDATED is the event that is handled with EVT_TEXT.
So if that event is not sent on OSX, it's a bug in wxWidgets.


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