OSX quantiles [Re: [Thuban-list] Some errors on version 1.0.1]

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Fri Jan 21 15:55:26 CET 2005

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 12:50:58PM +0100, Lorenzo Moretti wrote:
> What I want to see on Thuban:
> - better raster support (eg geotiff loaded as mosaic: now every raster delete
> the raster below);

yes, that would be really helpful.
So far, the implementation is not scheduled yet.

> - gdal-ogr support;

Being worked on by Nina. OGR is going to be an
extension, a first working version for shapefiles
is already in CVS HEAD.

> - grass support (raster-vect);

Yes, something that is on the wishlist for quite some time.
But here also so far not scheduled yet.

> - text label more easy (now I must enter the label one by one);

What do you have in mind here?

> - printing better (SVG now is good but not for all users);

What do you have in mind?

> - importAPR (it's a fantastic idea - this a big step for many users)

a fulll implementation will never be possible since Thuban
will always differ in some ways from ArcView. But I try to
improve it step by step (note that I do this without
haveing ArcView available ;-).


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