[Thuban-list] RE: Thuban1.1.0 rpm, deb

Noli.Sicad@csiro.au Noli.Sicad at csiro.au
Tue Jul 26 06:42:01 CEST 2005

Manage to get thuban working.

Using this:
python setup.py build_ext --use-wx-python-swig-hack  install_local

In (K)ubuntu using:
wxwidget2.6 from http://http.us.debian experimental, but not wxpython2.6
since no dev package
wxpython2.6.1.0 from from wxpython.org src.rpm by rpmbuild and alien

Python-gdal, since debian python-gdal1.2.6.1 uses <python2.4

Where could I found python-gdal src.rpm or where do you keep
python-gdal > 1.2.5 as recommended for Thuban1.1.0 compilation?

It seem that wx-config could not be found in debian packages?!


Regards, Noli 


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