[Thuban-list] RE: Thuban1.1.0 rpm, deb

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Wed Jul 27 22:26:48 CEST 2005

On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 10:37:01AM +1000, Noli.Sicad at csiro.au wrote:
> > In (K)ubuntu using:
> > Python2.4.1
> > wxwidget2.6 from http://http.us.debian experimental, but not
> wxpython2.6
> > since no dev package
> > wxpython2.6.1.0 from from wxpython.org src.rpm by rpmbuild and alien
> * not that the version number must always be identical, ie. when you
> * are using wxPython, then you must have wxWidgets
> My wxWidgets is Right now is Thuban is segment faulting when
> opening shp file, probably because I built wxPython before
> installing wxWidgets

we experienced various problems when the versions do not match.

> My gtk is 2.6.2.

I don't think, the gtk version matters a lot.

> > No
> > Python-gdal, since debian python-gdal1.2.6.1 uses <python2.4
> * what is the actual problem?
> Python-gdal1.2.6.1 uses python 2.3 (<python2.4, should I say less than
> python2.4), (K)ubuntu uses python2.4 as default. 
> > Where could I found python-gdal src.rpm or where do you keep
> > python-gdal > 1.2.5 as recommended for Thuban1.1.0 compilation?
> *If you are on a Debian, then you should better use the Debian
> *package for gdal.
> *gdal version 1.2.5 is a new requirement to have the raster support
> *work properly.
> Again, I could not use since the reason above, python2.4 in Ubuntu.

what I meant was to rebuild the debian source package on your system.
Then you should have a working version.
This way is much easier and better than starting to involve a
rpm via alien on a debian system.

> > Observation:
> > It seem that wx-config could not be found in debian packages?!
> *yes, thats strange. Entering
> *$ dpkg -S wx-config
> *I do not find it, but it is installed:
> *$ type wx-config
> *wx-config is /usr/bin/wx-config
> *(I am on a Debian 3.1 Sarge)
> *Anyone an idea about this?
> This is really strange. I use:
> $ locate wx-config
> Nothing can be found except the documentation and wx-configure.in in the
> Kdeveloper

locate database might be out of date.

> Yes, it is installed in /usr/bin/wx-config
> Anybody, in the list using Kubuntu or Ubuntu?



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