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Here is an attempt to produce some instructions.
Note that Debian Lenny comes with a thuban-1.2.0 package.

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Howto install Thuban-svn on Debian GNU/Linux Etch

Current with svn Revision 2788 (20071128)

Let us assume a target directory like: /opt/thuban-svn

a) Checkout Thuban somewhere, e.g. using read access and package "subversion":
	svn checkout https://scm.wald.intevation.org/svn/thuban/trunk
	cd trunk

b) Check and install the requirements (see README)
	(for checking I usually use a command like
	        COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l '*wx*'
		COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l '*sqlite*'
    Here the packages I've checked:
		Python 2.4.4  -> okay
		libwxbase2.6-dev  -> okay
		python-wxgtk2.6  -> okay
		proj              4.4.9d-2  -> okay.
		libsqlite3-dev     3.3.8-1.1
		python-pysqlite2   2.3.2-2   python interface to SQLite 3
		libgdal1-1.3.2-dev   1.3.2-4  -> okay
		python-gdal          1.3.2-4  -> okay.
		python-psycopg -> okay.

	plugins can have their own dependencies
		python-mapscript     4.10.0-5+etch1
		There is no pyogclib package, we deal with it later.

    For testing:
    	There is no pyRXP package, so we those XML validation is skipped,
	but this is neglectible.
	You could install postgresql and postgis to run more tests,
	but I will not cover this here.

    So the following command would install quite a bit:
    	aptitude install python-dev python-wxgtk2.6 proj python-xmlbase \
		libwxgtk2.6-de wx2.6-headers docbook-utils docbook-xml \
		libgdal1-1.3.2-1-dev python-gdal python-psycopg \
		python-pysqlite2 libsqlite3-dev python-mapscript python-imaging

c) Build the message files for the translations
	cd po
	make mo
	cd ..

d) Build, test, install
	python setup.py  build_ext --use-wx-python-swig-hack  build

    To test (optional):
	cd test
	python runtests.py
	cd ..
    Variation if you know about a working postgis installation, you can set
    the path to it first before running python runtests.py
    (2 tests will fail with the Rev 2788 in the ogr, this is known, see
    the releasenotes.)

    	python setup.py install --prefix /opt/thuban-svn --create-init-module=0

    Now you can start thuban with /opt/thuban-svn/bin/thuban

e) Install the example data, as you want to play around with Thuban. ;)
   You can copy the data to the target directory, if you like, e.g.
   	cp -r Data /opt/thuban-svn

f) Make sure that users install a .thuban/thubanstart.py file so 
   that it is attempted to load all modules. For this you could copy the
   	packaging/windows/thubanstart.py into the users $HOME/.thuban/
   (Better comment out the line for "profiling" as the python-profiler
   module is non-free software.

g) For the experimental wms.py Extension, you need to pyogclib, which
   we can install manually:

   Download it from from http://pyogclib.cvs.sourceforge.net/.
   tar -xvmlzf pyogclib-0.1.0.tar.gz
   cd PyOGCLib
   python tests/testWMSClient.py

   cp -r ogclib /opt/thuban-svn/lib/thuban/Lib
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