[Thuban-list] Mac OS X version of Thuban

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Wed Sep 12 17:25:53 CEST 2007

Hi!  Our group (redfish.com) does simulation and advanced  
visualization, and is starting to do quite a bit of GIS work.  So  
we're interested in the tools available for GIS.

One difficulty we face is being a cross-platform as well as open  
software group.  Looking at the Thuban information, it looks like it  
may primarily be focused on Windows.  That's fine, but I just want to  
avoid trying it on Mac OS X if that is not a design goal.

Looking at the downloads, there was a binary release for all systems  
a few years ago, but now just Windows, is that right?  .. i.e. all  
others build from source?  Is there a description on how to do such a  
source build, and how to make sure that build has the libraries it  

Thanks!  Looks like a great project.

     -- Owen

Owen Densmore   http://redfish.com

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