tiBook "Titanium" Debian GNU/Linux Installation Story

In September 2001 Reinhard Wiesemann from the www.linuxhotel.de(»German) contracted Intevation GmbH to install and customise an Apple Powerbook G4 500 "Titanium" (the first model) completly with Free Software. This is the story on how we (the Intevation Staff) got some of the hard- and software running. Reinhard had his requirements therefor this is not meant to be a complete howto about installing a machine. Anyway you might find parts of the experiences useful.

A lot of bugs and flaws have been found in the process and reports submitted to the appropriate channels. We thank Reinhard for his support of Free Software and hope that this report is useful to make similiar installations easier.

Some "reported bugs" are documented.

We managed to get the firewire CDRW drive and the IR-port working with "hot" kernel version. Check places to get help on the Base System page.

In addition we installed mozilla, galeon for webbrowsing and openoffice.

 Version 5.12.2001 <bernhard@intevation.de>