[Freegis-list] OGC SVG Client

Alexander Zipf zipf at geoinform.fh-mainz.de
Tue Oct 28 09:55:34 CET 2003


I am searching for free internet map clients or libraries that can
handle SVG and interact (using OGC standards) with either an OGC WMS
that can deliver SVG Maps (such as degree WMS) or with an OGC WFS, that
delivers GML which is converted to SVG by Stylesheets etc.
but it would be nice to request not only complete layers, but also
specified areas (map extends).
Traditional WMS clients seem not to handle SVG well, as it is possible
within most SVG PlugIns/Applets etc. to zoom and pan the SVG-File
without further notice of the map client/server, so GetFeatureInfo
Requests use wrong pixel-coordinates. So it seems necessary to log these
kind of interactions on the client side to transform the
pixel-coordinates. etc.
It would also be nice for the client to have some intelligence to put
the several svg-files together it already requested.

any hints?
we are looking mainly fo java/javascript/python solutions, I know about
OpenSvgMapServer, but we are not looking for a php-solution.

Thank you very much
alexander zipf

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