[Freegis-list] a novice needing help

Brit Pfann theinn at celebritydairy.com
Sat Oct 25 17:46:27 CEST 2003


I am a novice GPS user, needing help.

I have a bunch of waypoints on my PDA which I collected using a Magellan GPS
Companion. Because it was advertised as NMEA compatible, I assumed that the
data could be uploaded from my PDA to my computer, but there does not appear
to be any obvious way.

I have thoroughly searched and read the manufacturer's software manual, the
PDA help files, and all the literature, to no avail. There is one mention of
"beaming" waypoints from one PDA to another, but that won't help me get the
waypoints plottd in a GIS system. The Magellan website has an FAQ that is
useless (it suggests that the data may be invsible due to "mulitple user
ID's" which is definitely not the problem).

Anyone have experience with the PALM operating system and NMEA data?

Even if you don't know yourself, I would deeply appreciate you passing me
along to someone who might know.  Perhaps one of your knows someone who
bought one of these GPs Companions?

Also, please email me directly as I am not a subscriber to this lovely list.

Much obliged, in advance.

theinn at celebritydairy.com

John Bonitz
The Inn at Celebrity Dairy
Phone: (877) 742-5176

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