[Freegis-list] MapIt or MapServer?

Eduardo Patto Kanegae eduardo at consultoria.eti.br
Thu Mar 18 14:16:21 CET 2004

Hi ,

I have the need of publish a lot of parcel projects ( one or more per customer) and each project must be *a aplicattion* to see via web.

But we're thinking to do it via shapefiles using MapServer or maybe export all layers to imagem files( don't know the format yet) and will be one file per image to ensure the possibility of turning on/off a given layer( parcels/streets/points of interest/etc...), because we think that maybe generating all in image could be a easier process( doesn't need to check projections, open polygons, etc...)

So, I took a look at MapIt homepage and have seen the example.

Can MapIt "merge" various image files(layers).? eg.: a street layer + a point layer and present all in one image?

Actually, I didn't understand exactly what MapIt is for....

thanks in advance.

Eduardo Patto Kanegae

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