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Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Mar 18 10:10:25 CET 2004

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Hi all.
We came across an apparently simple problem, for wich we cannot find a 
reasonable solution.
We have a series of raster maps (tiff and jpeg, respectively as background 
maps and ortophoto) and various vectorial layers. With ArcView, these maps 
were small and easy to print. Importing them to GRASS resulted in an enormous 
size (even the black/white tiff are taken as 8 bit), which is a problem by 
itself; even more seriously, apparently GRASS is only able to print one 
raster at a time, so in all corner areas we cannot obtain a printout of the 
vectors overlying 2-4 rasters. Patching the maps together does not seem 
feasible, because of the large size of the maps (over 2.7 Gb).
Is anybody aware of an easy solution to this, based on free software only?
Many thanks.
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Paolo Cavallini
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