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Software Development and Maintenance:
Professional solutions for web, maps and security

We focus on:
  • Web applications including custom development, support and service. For example:
  • Software engineering for web, desktop, mobile and server solutions for all platforms. In special consideration of security and user experience. (e.g. measurement data forms)

Maybe you have also heard of OpenSlides, Gpg4win or IntelMQ.

Our customers are public offices, institutions and private enterprises. A selection:

German Federal Agency for IT Security (BSI) Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Office for Radiation Protection, BfS) Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU)

Intevation GmbH is an independent IT service company located in Osnabrück, Germany. All our IT solutions are Free Software (Open Source). Therefor we increase the vendor-independence of our customers, they stay free to choose their service providers.

On customer demand we offer to organize professional support for every Free Software product.

Do you want to distribute security advisories for your IT-products? With us, you can automate this and become a CSAF Trusted Provider.

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