[Thuban-list] Install Thurban question

David Trillo Montero dtrillo at dap.es
Fri Apr 12 12:20:46 CEST 2002

I have download Thurban but I cannot see anything. Suddently, I saw I needed wxWindows, and I downloaded as well, but still nothing happens. My question is:

What do I need (all extra program, files, whatever...) in order to see Thurban. As you can imagine, i'm a GIS developer and the Thurban project interest me a lot. first, because the script concept (as Avenue for ArcView) offers a wide field to develop tools, involving a litle of code. Also, I have ideas for improveing and, if i can help, developing it and with it. Of course, what i like the best is because is FreeSoftware and everybody should contribute!

So, I'll appreciatte any suggestion about installation in order to tell my ideas.
Thank you very much:

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