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Daniel Calvelo Aros dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe
Tue Apr 15 11:47:04 CEST 2003

This is very good news.

Indeed, the infrstructure is already in place. I just finished some
tweaking, and it works splendidly. You will find attached a .po file
with the beginnings of a Spanish translation. It was extracted from the
sources using cygwin's xgettext but I reckon pygettext is OK.

All you have to do is comment out 'def _' in Thuban/__init__.py, erase
every reference to it (there are about a dozen 'from Thuban import _'
all around Lib/ Model/ and UI/) and modify (this is Win32) python.pyw to
include, e.g.

import gettext

(after thubandir has been defined, of course)

This assumes you created a Locale dir in the installation dir, with a
Locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/Thuban.mo file.

To produce Thuban.mo, run msgfmt (or msgfmt.py) on the attached es.po
file (and rename it).

The only problem I see is in keeping the .po files current with CVS. We
might gather translators (yes I'm volunteering, for French and Spanish)
around each release and send them merged .po files (gettext has tools to
regenerate the translatable strings and merging them with current
translations). The generation of .mo files should also be integrated in
the build process of the installers.

All this is release 0.2, not CVS, sorry about that.


PS. Could you CC: this to Francisco, please Jan-Oliver?

> Hi,
> [ I am cc'ing this to the Thuban mailing list as it is of
> general interest ]
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 06:12:21PM -0600, Francisco S G Jáuregui wrote:
> > We are a very small group of people currently involved in the
> > of free GIS tools supported by a government research institution in
> > 
> > We have come across your Thuban project, and have found it very
> > your extensive use of Python has been particularly attractive to us.
> thats nice to hear :-)
> > With your permission we would like to prepare a translation of
Thuban into 
> > Spanish, intended for use in Latin America.  Of course we would also
> > you any bug reports and comments that might pop into our (largely 
> > untrained) minds.
> any translation efford is welcome!
> So far, we only made the first step towards real i18n support
> and that is, we use a special function _() for any strings.
> This function is eventually to be replaced by real gettext
> functionality. Once this second step happened, it will be fairly
> easy to add any translation.
> If you know about gettext functionality and how to use
> it with python, your help would be very welcome to set this up.
> If not, we'll have to see when we can afford the time to
> do this ourselves (we are currently very busy working on further
> projections, PostGIS-support and table management).
> Best
> 	Jan
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