[Thuban-list] Re: translation of thuban

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Tue Apr 15 12:15:51 CEST 2003

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 04:47:04AM -0500, Daniel Calvelo Aros wrote:
> To produce Thuban.mo, run msgfmt (or msgfmt.py) on the attached es.po
> file (and rename it).

thanks for your interest and help.
You've motivated us to add the es.po and translation functionality immediately
to the CVS :-)

> The only problem I see is in keeping the .po files current with CVS. We
> might gather translators (yes I'm volunteering, for French and Spanish)
> around each release and send them merged .po files (gettext has tools to
> regenerate the translatable strings and merging them with current
> translations). The generation of .mo files should also be integrated in
> the build process of the installers.

It would be great if you could take over the task for spanish and
french. The easiest way to keep the stuff up-to-date is to update
the po-file from the CVS and send us the cvs diff. We can then
easily add the patch.

For new Thuban releases we drop a note on this list so that
the translators can update the po-files to have up-to-date translations
included in the release.

We'll do the german translation. So with spanish, french, german and
english we will have already quite a nice i18n support for Thuban 0.3 :-)


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