[Thuban-list] How to build Thuban from CVS on a Win32 box

Dan Putler putler at commerce.ubc.ca
Fri Apr 25 18:25:55 CEST 2003


What do I need to have available/installed to build Thuban from CVS on a 
Win32 box (Windows ME to be exact)?  Ultimately, what I want to take a 
look at is the new docked legend tool and the new additions to 
classgen.py.  It may be the case that all I need to do is update a few 
python modules to Thuban 0.2 rather than doing a complete rebuild.  In 
any event, some advice on the best to proceed would be helpful.

Dan Putler
UBC Commerce
Email: putler at commerce dot ubc dot ca
Phone: 604-822-8329

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