[Thuban-list] How to build Thuban from CVS on a Win32 box

Jonathan Coles jonathan at intevation.de
Fri Apr 25 19:32:55 CEST 2003

Hi Dan,

There have been quite a lot of changes since v0.2. The best thing to do
would be to download the CVS tree and rebuild. Although we run Thuban on
Windows 2000, Windows ME should work.

I'm just going to reiterate what's on the download page first to make
sure everything is covered.

You'll need the packages for the binary release (python 2.2.1, and
wxWindows 2.4 for Python 2.2). Under the source header for Windows 2000
you'll find the proj 4.4.5 library. 

You'll also need the MS compiler.

Once you've pulled over the CVS tree there are four things you need to

1) open setup.py and edit line 84 to point wx_prefex to the location of
your wxWindows installation.

2) edit extensions\thuban\wxproj.cpp.
   line 673 looks like this: 
	#ifdef PJ_VERSION

   you'll need to add a line above that which reads
	#define PJ_VERSION 445

3) you should now build Thuban by running:
	python setup.py install_local

4) assuming this completed successfully, you need to copy proj.dll into
the Lib/ directory.

Now you should now be able to run Thuban!

There are a few bugs at the moment, one of which is quite evident in the

You must supply the file you want to open on the command line if you
want the legend to display the information. This is because the messages
needed to tell the legend to update when a new file is opened are not
being sent.

There are also some visual problems with the layout of the controls.
This is namely due to differences between GTK and Windows and since we
develop under GNU/Linux using GTK we don't always see the problems.

You can file bugs that you find using the bug tracker. I hope you manage
to get through that mess above. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it much
easier in the future.

If you have any problems, just let us know. However, since it's Friday
evening here in Germany you may not get a response until Monday morning

Good Luck!


On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 18:25, Dan Putler wrote:
> Hi,
> What do I need to have available/installed to build Thuban from CVS on a 
> Win32 box (Windows ME to be exact)?  Ultimately, what I want to take a 
> look at is the new docked legend tool and the new additions to 
> classgen.py.  It may be the case that all I need to do is update a few 
> python modules to Thuban 0.2 rather than doing a complete rebuild.  In 
> any event, some advice on the best to proceed would be helpful.
> Dan
Jonathan Coles
Intevation GmbH
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