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Jonathan Coles jonathan at intevation.de
Wed Feb 26 18:37:45 CET 2003

Current functionality:

The user can add/view classification groups and modify the visual
properties (stroke color, width, fill color) for single values and
ranges as well as change the values and ranges. There is no way to
generate these properties automatically. This information can be saved
and loaded from a file.

The following things concerning classification are needed before the
next release of Thuban:

Dialog Clean Up
The classification dialog doesn't look very nice. It was put together to
test some of the classes and some things are a bit rough.

Generating Ranges
The user can add classification groups one at a time, but we need to be
able to automatically generate groups based on the kind of data that a
table field represents. If it is a series of floats then groups of
ranges are appropriate, but with strings singleton values are needed.

Generating the visual properties over many groups needs to be discussed.
I was thinking there could be predefined types such as False-Color which
could range from red to green, or the user could select a start and end

The code would also have to analyse the field values to determine how
many different values exist. In the case of strings this means building
a list of unique entries. In the case of floats it could mean
determining min and max values and then subdividing that range into
equal (perhaps) parts. The user should be allowed to specify this.

All this functionality will exist only in the classification dialog.
Once the classification groups are built Thuban uses the classification
class to render the map as normal.

If things go to plan (ha!) I should be spending most of next week
working on this part of things.

Many of the classes have changed recently due to design modifications
and the tests don't reflect these changes. In some cases the tests don't
even exist.

General Code Inspection
I need to review some parts of the code and clean them up a bit. A few
places here and there could be written better (no specifics, just
general house keeping).


Jonathan Coles
Intevation GmbH
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