[Thuban-list] Roadmap towards release 0.2.0. Was: TODO List

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Thu Feb 27 23:30:55 CET 2003


this sbasically discusses tge roadmap for release 0.2.0.

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 06:37:45PM +0100, Jonathan Coles wrote:
> The following things concerning classification are needed before the
> next release of Thuban:
> ====================================================================
> Dialog Clean Up
> ---------------
> The classification dialog doesn't look very nice. It was put together to
> test some of the classes and some things are a bit rough.

Some items that just came to my mind:
- replace term 'visual' by 'symbol'.
- add a 'Remove' button to get rid one or many marked classes
- Make the frame a dialog window.
- add hot-keys to the buttons
- make the widgets resize with the window size

> Generating Ranges
> -----------------
> The user can add classification groups one at a time, but we need to be
> able to automatically generate groups based on the kind of data that a
> table field represents. If it is a series of floats then groups of
> ranges are appropriate, but with strings singleton values are needed.
> Generating the visual properties over many groups needs to be discussed.
> I was thinking there could be predefined types such as False-Color which
> could range from red to green, or the user could select a start and end
> color. 
> The code would also have to analyse the field values to determine how
> many different values exist. In the case of strings this means building
> a list of unique entries. In the case of floats it could mean
> determining min and max values and then subdividing that range into
> equal (perhaps) parts. The user should be allowed to specify this.
> All this functionality will exist only in the classification dialog.
> Once the classification groups are built Thuban uses the classification
> class to render the map as normal.
> If things go to plan (ha!) I should be spending most of next week
> working on this part of things.

I propose to skip the range generation for release 0.2.0.
You can make the button ivisible for the release and afterwards
start implementation of this quite sophisticated feature.

> Tests
> -----
> Many of the classes have changed recently due to design modifications
> and the tests don't reflect these changes. In some cases the tests don't
> even exist.

yeah, those need to be fixed and some missing to be added for 0.2.0.

> General Code Inspection
> -----------------------
> I need to review some parts of the code and clean them up a bit. A few
> places here and there could be written better (no specifics, just
> general house keeping).

good idea for 0.2.0.

Finally, we should remove the critical bugs listed in the thuban
bug tracker - of course :-)

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