[Thuban-list] Python 2.2 and wxWindows 2.4

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Wed Feb 26 20:05:54 CET 2003


this week we (Bernhard Herzog, Bernhard Reiter, Jonathan Coles, Frank
Koormann and myself) had a discussion on the further development
we want to perform until June.

One important decision, however, is which version of Python and
wxWindows Thuban should be compatible for mid-term future (say
about 2-3 years).
We came to the conclusion that this should be Python 2.2
and wxWindows(wxPython) 2.4.
Though both are not yet the standard on many GNU/Linux distribution,
we expect them to be within about a year.

The forthcoming release 0.2.0 will already depend on this (at least
it is only tested against Python 2.2 and wxWindows 2.4 from now on).

All the best


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