[Thuban-list] Compile into oblivion

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Mon Oct 13 15:22:17 CEST 2003

Adrian Custer <acuster at nature.berkeley.edu> writes:

> libraries/thuban/wxproj.cpp: In function `wxPoint* project_points(int,
> int, double*, double*, int*, PJ*, PJ*, double, double, double, double)':
> libraries/thuban/wxproj.cpp:186: error: invalid application of `sizeof'
> to an incomplete type
> libraries/thuban/wxproj.cpp:200: error: invalid use of undefined type
> `struct wxPoint'

wxPoint is defined in wx/gdicmn.h which is currently only indirectly
included in wxproj.cpp. Your wx version is newer than the one we
currently use so I compiled a newer one to check whether something has
changed in this regard. Still works for me, though.

Nevertheless there must be a problem with the include files somewhere.
You can try two things:

 - add an #include <wx/gdicmn.h> to wxproj.cpp to make sure that
   headerfile is included

 - Add a -H to the options of gcc when compiling wxproj.cpp to see which
   headerfiles are actually used.

> ...
> wxPoint seems to be fundamental to wx* stuff but I can't figure out
> which library is not being found or how I might go about pointing things
> to the right location.
> The wx stuff I have is:
> [root at tsetse site-packages]# rpm -q -a | grep wx
> libwxPythonGTK2.4-devel-

According to
this RPM contains all wxGTK headerfiles wx/gdicmn.h so at least gdicmn.h
is not missing.

Seems a bit strange to put those headerfiles in a
libwxPythonGTK2.4-devel RPM isntead of say a libwxGTK-2.4 devel, though.

> wxGTK-2.4.2-1mdk
> libwxPythonGTK2.4-
> libwx_base2.4_0-2.4.1-1mdk
> libwxgtkgl2.4-2.4.2-1mdk
> libwxgtk2.4-2.4.2-1mdk
> wxPythonGTK-
> libwx_base2.4_0-devel-2.4.1-1mdk

Some of these RPMs have slightly different versions (e.g. vs.
2.4.2) this may cause segfaults when trying to display shapefiles as
experience has unfortunately shown as there seem to be some binary
incompatibilities in some cases.


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