[Thuban-list] arcview comparition and thuban.mo

Fidel Serrano barbarito at omplace.com
Mon Oct 13 18:05:10 CEST 2003

i have been using thuban for six month or so, and im very hapy with the development, yesterday i intalled arcview from ESRI in my computer, and i noticed 2 things:

1   when you maximize the aplication window, the map (all the layers)
    resizes to cover the new size of the window aplication
    thuban does not do that, dont you think it would be nice.

2   the time of display for a layer or a raster image is like 1/10
    of the time it takes for thuban, is that becouse of python
    velocity? or becouse of the algoritm of displaing? 

and i have a cuestion:
how do i use the thuban.mo files to get thuban translated?

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