[Thuban-list] arcview comparition and thuban.mo

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Tue Oct 14 20:46:55 CEST 2003

"Fidel Serrano" <barbarito at omplace.com> writes:

> 1   when you maximize the aplication window, the map (all the layers)
>     resizes to cover the new size of the window aplication
>     thuban does not do that, dont you think it would be nice.

I'm not sure whether I would always want it but it's worth considering.
I've added a wish-list item in the request tracker fpr it:


> 2   the time of display for a layer or a raster image is like 1/10
>     of the time it takes for thuban, is that becouse of python
>     velocity? or becouse of the algoritm of displaing? 

Thuban's rendering speed definitely needs to be improved. 

The algorithm is probably not to blame. Thuban builds a quad-tree for
the shapes in shapefiles and uses it to more or less only draw shapes
that overlap the visible region. Beyond that there's not much you can do
besides iterating through those shapes and draw them.

Some common usage patterns could be speeded up by more intelligent
caching, though, and some classifications can be speeded up by using
python dictionaries instead of linear searches in some cases, I think.

While Python's speed is certainly an issue, I'm not sure how much impact
that still has on the rendering especially in the case of rendering from
shapefiles and without classifications. We already do the actual drawing
of a polygon or arc shape from a shapefile in C++ which means that the
code that reads the actual geometry, applies any necessary projection,
transforms it to window coordinates and passes the data to the wxDC is
written in C++.

Anyway, one of the things we want to for 1.0 is to look into ways to
increase rendering speed.

> and i have a cuestion: how do i use the thuban.mo files to get thuban
> translated?

Setting the environment variable LANG to a suitable value shuold be
enough. e.g. LANG=de_DE to get German translations. This works for me on
my GNU/Linux system anyway.


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