[Thuban-list] Problem with recompile Thuban on Fedora Core 2

Marcin Zajączkowski mszpak at wp.pl
Wed Aug 25 23:41:19 CEST 2004

Dnia 2004-08-24 14:34, Użytkownik Silke Reimer napisał:
> Within the last weeks we prepared a FC2 package [1] and ran into
> similar problems that you report in this email. Mostly this have
> been encoding problems: default locale on FC2 seems to be an UTF8
> encoding while thubans internal encoding is latin1. If you pass such
> a string with special characters to wxGTK this can cause a
> segmentation fault[2]. There isn't any problem as long as you don't
> use any special characters.  But if you use a special encoding it is
> possible that some menus have special characters and then thuban
> crashes.
> Some of these issues (for example the about-dialog and the default
> projections) have been fixed in CVS but there is still a general
> problem. It can be solved if thuban uses the user's encoding as
> internal encoding (see bug 2585 [3]).
> So my first question is: Which encoding do you use? And could you
> perhaps change it to a latin1-encoding? 

I use ISO-8859-2 encoding (LANG=pl-PL). I tried with en-US too. But I 
don't know is it the same problem. Thuban ends its work just after Map 
-> New Layer (not after start). I tried with my shapes and maps 
delivered with Thuban.
I tried FC2 RPM but I didn't have wxGTK2 and wxPython2 packages (only 
wxGtk-2.4.2 and wxPython-...), so I had to recompile it from SRPM. I 
checked current CVS too but always it exited after try to open new layer.
Can You open any layer even under not UTF-8 encoding?

Thanks for reply

P.S. Did you use something special to compose last message? It hangs my 
Mozilla 1.7.2 :)

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