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Project Management for Free Software

Intevation offers project management for Free Software

One of the greatest advantages of Free Software is vendor independence. On the other hand, most companies are missing a direct contact when looking for a solution to a problem.

Intevation solves this alleged antilogy by offering project management: Based on our long lasting participation and experience in various Free Software projects we understand the mechanisms of the community as well as the needs and requirements of our clients.

"Software development is a communication problem."

This holds true all the more if the different interests of all groups participating in a project have to be considered. We offer our clients a single contact which covers all aspects of the development of a solution, and coordinate the various companies and community developers and ensure a targeted progress through communication management, quality control and guidance by our own software development experts.

In addition to a successful project for our clients we aim to support Free Software with developer meetings or through financial support of leading developers. Thereby, the sustainability of a project is facilitated and the benefit of future developments is ensured.

Intevation GmbH contributed to the success of the GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) on behalf of the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, Germany) and managed Ägypten and Kroupware, both projects of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany).