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my homepage at Uni-Osnabrück ( gnuplot,piecharts,monte-carlo,thesis(in German)) My free software company Intevation GmbH my FFII Homepage related to the Association for Promoting a Free Informational Infrastructure.

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GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System)

GRASS is a raster and vector GIS, image processing, graphics production and spatial modeling system. The software design is quite old fashioned and it is supposed to be free software according to the authors. New 5.0beta development version have become available. I build 5.0beta on OSF1/Alpha machines here at UWM for my GIS course.


About me

Since January 1999 I am a a Research Assistant and graduate/Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography. This is my new homepage. Got my degree in Applied Systems Science ("Diplom Systemwissenschaftler") 1998 from the University of Osnabrück, Germany. I founded the German based Intevation GmbH, a free software company.
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Part of Bernhard Reiter's archive.

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