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Bernhard E. Reiter

Dipl. Applied System Scientist, MSc. Geography

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Since 1999 Managing Director and Owner of Intevation
Since 2001: Founding member of the GA, FSFE.
Kolab Systems: Feb 2010 - Aug 2012: Board of Directors
FSFE: June 2009 - June 2011: Deputy Germany-Coordinator
FSFE: 2001 - June 2009: Germany-Coordinator
FFII: June 2000 - July 2003: Keeper of the Scrolls and Vice-President

Software is a communication issue. (2001)

Marketing in the Free Software realm should excel at being honest and realistic. Free Software-marketing is understatement.

When using Free Software and further developing Free Software products during professional projects, there is a good chance that additional, unintended value is created: Collateral benefits (2002).


Bernhard Reiter is an entrepreneur and Free Software activist.

After his academic education as an Applied System Scientist at the University of Osnabrück Reiter earned an MSc degree in Geography at the University of Milwaukee. His research in the US was about phenology and climatic change. In 1999 Reiter co-founded the Free Software company Intevation.

Foto Bernhard Reiter

Bernhard helped founding the charity associations FossGIS (»German) and Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). For FSFE he build up the German speaking team in the first decade and serves as member of the FSFE's general assembly.

Together with his company, Bernhard contributes to a number of Free Software initatives in technical and management roles. For example Bernhard lead the team developing the S/MIME email-solution for GnuPG and Kontact Mail in 2001. Between 2002 and 2010 Bernhard coordinated the Kolab groupware server and client developments, including the experimental mobile rich-client Kontact Touch. Since 2006 he is part of the Gpg4win-team.

Archived academic homepage at the USF (Gnuplot, piecharts, statist, Diplom Thesis) Archived UWM 1999 homepage (Canadian Weather Data CD,GRASS GIS & Geography) Archived FFII 2003 homepage(»German) ( Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. ) Old 2001 Advogato Eintrag
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