Sample Reference: OpenJUMP PrintLayoutPlugin

For the free java-based Desktop-GIS OpenJUMP Intevation developed a new Print- and LayoutPlugin. It was sponsored by the Institute for environmental planning of the Leibniz-Universitšt Hannover. The plugin provides features for creating print-templates in different formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, etc).

The PrintLayoutPlugin was released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (GNU/LGPL) and can be downloaded here.

Some Features

  • Scaling and rotating of the map
  • Transparent mapdisplays
  • Simple textfields
  • print in SVG, PDF and PNG/JPEG
  • Import of SVG and raster-pictures
  • Scalebar and Scale-text (self adjusting, scaleable)
  • Legend
  • Internationalisation (DE/EN)

Download Plugin/