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Intevation GmbH plans and organizes various different projects where Free Software is applied or developed. We are able to offer this broad range because we team up with competent and reliable partners.

IT-Security and Groupware

DN-Systems Enterprise Internet Solutions GmbH (Hildesheim)

Partner for: High-level security solutions and IT-Forensic (analysing security-relevant incidents)

g10 Code GmbH (Düsseldorf)

Partner for: Cryptography solutions with GnuPG (Standards: OpenPGP and S/MIME)

Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB (Hagfors, Schweden)

Partner for: KDE development as well as Qt development and training


lat/lon Gesellschaft für raumbezogene Informationssysteme mbH (Bonn)

Partner for: deegree applications and continued development.

Refractions Research Inc. (Victoria, Kanada)

Partner for: Professional support, maintenance and continued developments of PostGIS.

Accociations and Organizations

Intevation is involved in many different Free Software communities, accociations and organizations.

IuK Netzwerk Osnabrück

Intevation is member of the IuK Network Osnabrück since 2004.

Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA)

Intevation is a member of the LIVE Linux-Verband e.V. since December 2001 which merged with the Lisog e.V. to Open Source Business Alliance e.V. in 2011.

Universität Osnabrück

Since 2001 Intevation gives annually the Intevation-Award for achievement in Free Software at the Universität Osnabrück.