PostGIS Professional Support

The operation of your PostGIS application is professionally supported. We offer individual preparation and maintenance of PostGIS installation packages as well as help with commissioning of updates. Optionally, PostgreSQL and GEOS are supported as well.


PostGIS Professional Support

  • The initial installation as well as updates for your system are professionally prepared for quick commissioning.
  • Security updates will promptly be delivered. Quality-controlled and with a tested updated (3rd-level-staging Service).
  • Feature updates in the frame of maintenance and continueing development will be carefully prepared and provided as packages.
  • General further development of the product PostGIS.
  • We are reliably available for any type of specific modification or extension.
  • Favorable access to Support for any question (Phone and E-Mail).
  • Supported Systems: Redhat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Windows and Windows Server, Debian, Solaris, further on request.

PostGIS Enterprise Support

For systems with a very low tolerable offline-time and/or with a high load.
  • PostGIS Professional Support
  • 1st- or 2nd-level Staging Service
  • Guaranteed short answer and reaction times

Optional Services

based on effort with a reduced hourly rate:
  • Migration
    • from older PostGIS versions
    • from Oracle Spatial / ArcSDE
    • from geodata that haven't been managed with a DBMS
  • Support for application development
  • PostgreSQL and GEOS


PostGIS Professional Support
on request

PostGIS Enterprise Support
on request