Ägypten2 - Free Software Sphinx-Clients

The project with the Codename Ägypten2 is the successor of the project Ägypten with the central task to considerably extend the graphical user interfaces and to implement new functionalities.

The same team was contracted again, Intevation (projekt management and quality assurance), Klarälvdalens Datakonsult (KMail and other KDE component) and g10 Code (all crypto modules).

Projekt start was December 2003; official and successful completion was in November 2004. The project management team consisted of two persons, the lead was with Jan-Oliver Wagner with Bernhard Reiter as backup. The development and QS team counted 6 heads.

KDE 3.3 already carries all GUI components

Since KDE 3.3 all these improvements and extensions are inherent parts of KDE. In combination with the corresponding GnuPG components, Ägypten-2 has reached the status of a recommended product in the Sphinx interoperability tests as the only solution running on GNU/Linux and also being the only Free Software solution in general.

Ägypten-2 is an important element in the BSI's migration to a mixed desktop environment since it supports interoperable Email communication across various operating systems in a comfortable way.

The project closely cooperated with the KDE developer community and especially the KDE-PIM project, PIM stands for personal information management. KDE already provides a lot of products for this task, e.g. Kontact bundles the following components under a common graphical user interface: KMail (Email), KOrganizer (calendar, appointments) and KAddressbook (contacts).