GIS for Fedora

In July 2004 Intevation GmbH has been contracted to prepare a selection of Free GIS Software for the GNU/Linux distribution Fedora Core 2 which is the basis for RedHat Linux. All necessary RPM packages should be built and integrated in the Fedora distribution.
Package development
The most complete GIS of the selection is GRASS. The package contains the development version 5.7 and hence the new vector functionalities. As simple geodata viewer with a pure graphical interface an RPM package for Thuban has been built.

Most dependencies could be fulfilled by packages that are already part of Fedora. The essential packages shapelib and proj are not yet in Fedora officially but are currently undergoing a quality assurance process (Fedora status for shapelib and Fedora status for proj). Packages for gdal and python-sqlite have been created during this project and have been announced to by Intevation.

Geodata and use cases
A worldwide geodata set "FreeGIS Worlddata" has been generated. It is based on the political boundaries of VMAP Level0 and contains all countries of the world together with country codes from FIBS and ISO 3166-1.

Based on these data we developed some recipies for GRASS and Thuban that explain how to import geodata into GRASS; how to use attribute data in PostgreSQL databases in GRASS and how to create color coded maps.


The program packages listed below are located in, the geodata in

GRASS 5.7 (experimental version)




FreeGIS Worlddata